Teach the technicians

During a week in November 2021, our dear Chitondo technicians received training in the field of photovoltaics from Frangilio of the Green Solar Academy. For some of them, it was an opportunity to refresh knowledge acquired in 2019. But above all, it was an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the solar learning e.V. installation. A solar system, which arrived in Chitondo in August 2020.

In fact, Frangilio and the participants partially assembled and tested various parts of the system together: the solar panel structure, the electricity distribution station, the water filtration station and so on.

Our solar learning e.V. member Michael Puttinger was able to take part in the training. Indeed, Michael was sailing around Africa between 2021 and 2022, combining usefulness with pleasure: during his tour, he stopped off at various stations to help and support various projects involving know-how transfer or the installation of renewable energy production systems (PV and wind power).

The “teach the technicians” training course was made possible thanks to co-financing from the Schmitz Stiftung (75%).

A few weeks after the training, drinking water pumps were unfortunately stolen in Chitondo. This alerted our partner to the importance of securing the new system against burglary. We will therefore first have to manage a theft protection before we can finally install the solar system on the school roof.

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